• bimalendupadhi 10w

    May the soul and the mind be victorious.

    Bruhaspate bajng jai Bruhaspatye bache badata Bruhaspating baje japayat, Indra baje jayendraya bache badatendra japayat.
    (yajuh- 9/11)

    O soul! You are called Bruhaspati because you are the ruler of great power.You have immense power.Hold on to that power and win the battle of the Debasura running within you.When you want to take initiation for some vows or if you want to do some good deeds, the demonic professions are ready to interfere with your work.You Don't be submissive.

    In this mantra God’s command to our human society -
    As we move upward, the demons in the outer and inner parts of the state are troubled.They try to get us down.At that time we will enlighten the soul and awaken the mind to victory in the battle of Debasur.The mind, controlled by the soul, will always be awake to engage the senses in the best work, away from lust.With a determined mind, the soul can keep the senses from becoming addicted.Defeat the demonic forces in the battle of Debasur and win the soul and mind.

    Bimalendu Padhi