• eniobanke 45w

    Day 21
    Do It Differently

    Thank You NEPA for today.

    Does the above sound odd?
    Like who thanks the power distributors?
    On Day 19, I couldn't get sufficient power on my phone for a larger percentage of the day and I thought NEPA 'sucked.' I put up an update to that effect. A friend laughed at me in my inbox.

    But why is it that when NEPA do not suck, I do not say it, when my breathing is normal, do I remember to thank God, when you're feeding fine void of ill-health, do you find it enough testimony? Or you need that big thing to happen to you before you acknowledge God?

    Men are like that. However, you can do it differently? I slept battling a cough and I feel I'm better. I thank God.

    Don't testify about the big victories alone, it's actually the little ones that keep you going.
    -Sola Doja

    So, do yours differently. And it could hasten the development of our society.