• eva_rosa 5w

    You Left

    The day you left.
    I remember it well.
    You turned and walked.
    Like it was you, who were in hell!

    You left without a goodbye.
    There was not the usual parting.
    You walked away from both of us.
    For me to deal with the hurting!

    She asks me why you left.
    Why you chose to leave her too.
    A heartless act for a child.
    To have to live forever without you!

    In time the hurt will ease.
    You are fading from her mind.
    She asks about you far less now.
    One day, in her heart, it’s you she will not find!

    For me it was different.
    I did what I thought was best.
    I no longer wanted you here for me.
    It was for her that I never left!

    Forever she will remember,
    that is was you who went away!
    We have moved on now,
    but how you left will always stay!