• niaj_ihdirap 10w

    The old sandal
    That old sandal you see
    Recieving comments from the new one you see!
    Long back if u go,
    She was the one who made you go,
    To the party or the funeral,
    She was the one who never got approval.
    After the time you were drunk,
    She was in your hands,
    All silent,
    All pure,
    Far away from her cure!
    It's been 10 years
    She's here!
    In the old shelf,
    With the gone bear!
    But she never complaint like you did,
    Why did u bought that bitch!?
    She never crossed you two way the the new one did,
    Broke itself and you stepped on spit!

    She's old any she knows that,
    But for somewhere,
    Someday you will need her,
    And she's there all waiting for you to cheer!!!

    Improvements in this write-up are welcome.... Written something like this for the first time��

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    ~I am speaking from the old shelf!