• feelingsandwarmth 50w


    I’ll believe that magic exists. I can believe Santa’s existence and that I need to be an obedient and a good girl for one whole year until Christmas, and that it’s Santa who gives me my favourite bow pin, not my parents. I’ll even believe that forever exists, that Romeo and Juliet never ended. I can believe there’s more to demons and the fact that they’re under our beds. I’ll believe that when winter turns into spring, the wind reminds you of me. I’ll admit that the fireplace hasn’t been ignited even once since you went away. I might also believe wizards of Waverley place that we’re just one heartbreak closer to happily ever after. I’ll believe that angels exist ( I still do, because you exist), I’ll believe that the chilly gusts of wind will turn warm when your arms engulf me. You see, I’ll believe anything, even if it’s non-sensical. But never in a thousand years will I ever believe that meeting you was a mere fateful act, just a coincidence.