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    How was your experience of first love? ❤

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    First love

    The essence of your love was different, maybe that is why I liked you.
    You made me believe that I alone am enough to battle out the problems regarding everything..!
    You showed me confidence that I don't need a 'knight in shining armour", but all I need is a sword, to fit out the demons..!
    You made me feel protected but not in a way every other guy does, but the way a man wants his girl to be strong and confident..!
    Rather than asking about the problems, you asked me what solutions I've got to deal with them..!
    & Lastly,
    whenever I would quit you were there to make me feel stronger & with you I was a different person altogether, the confident and stronger "ME" !!
    God has it plans, you left, but you showed me a different version of myself, so thankyou!!