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    A widow is always the one who have to suffer and compromise with her choices...
    Why a widow can't look beautiful?
    Why a widow can't wear makeup?
    Why a widow can't wear colorful sarees?
    Why a widow can't do what she wants to do?

    Why a widow is always treated more like a widow and less like a women.?

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    After playing with lots of colors 
    She stucked in a white color 

    Due to fear of society, 

    Her eyes
    became so dangerous
    her kajal 
    Flowed with her tears, 
    Her lips
    got wrinkled
    And faded the shade of her lipstick, 
    Her forehead
    full of lines of worries 
    Droped her bindi 
    And faded down the color of her sindoor..

    Due to fear of society 
    It looks like 
    Her beauty too gone
    With her husband 
    And now 
    she just have a pale face..