• e251419 5w


    We don't mind people, if we don't understand their lives.
    We just let them cry, as if it was a joke and a silla child's normal life.

    It was very easy for me to judge, cause I didn't mind to help people at that time.
    So I just let Isabel cry hard, without comforting her from the heart of mine.

    And this night after that day, was the time that I didn't expect to go again this way.
    And I herd and remember Isabel's cry as I felt that her experience was totally heartbreaking for her and could affect her future in her mature life.

    I didn't plan to write a poem like this, not until I experienced Isabel's hard life.
    I don't know Isabel much, but I could at least talk to her for a while.

    It could had make her felt better.
    If I was nicer to her at that time.

    But we could not bring back the past.
    And it happened yesterday, as days spun fast.

    And tomorrow is an another day we all await, for we can dream new hopes that will make us awake.
    So I have to move on and smile with no regrets and wish Isabel to be strong in leaving our beds.

    Because the day to come tomorrow is a continuation of our quest, together with the rest.
    But I don't want to see others sobbing because some are already ahead of their heads.

    And their all left behind, alone, like leaves that are forgotten and dead.
    Like if war will follow, there is always a knight who is chosen from the rest.

    Because if you feel depress, like Isabel in what I said.
    There is someone out there who will tie your sadness away until the very edge of your thread.

    Like Isabel's hard time inside her mind and head.