• rebelpjones 22w

    By RebelpJones

    Delusional illusions,
    Sometimes in a
    ugly world
    an improvement,
    For humans love
    to be the center as victims
    They stew in this shit,
    If life was a woman
    Mankind is screwing his bitch,
    And I'm taking it personal,
    Like you just disrespected
    my momma and shit!
    Cuz living means the world to me,
    I've already died once
    I almost killed my mother at birth tryna do this shit,
    Y'all taking chances in life,
    And that's fine,
    but y'all forgot to be humble,
    and that's your downfall,
    not mine,
    I once was
    But I'm not blind,
    I did the work to wake up,
    And when I did
    there was a
    presence staring
    me in the face,
    It belonged to me,
    but it was not mine.
    I'm fairly certain
    that the voice that
    speaks inside,
    belongs to the Devine.
    And that's who's
    message I write.
    That's who's battles I fight,
    These war of the
    world's don't really matter
    The real battles inside.