• satanopedialogy 6w

    Prince Satanopediaology's bhagvath githa

    SATAN: Finally GOD would be the supreme Lord of everything and leaving HIM, let it be HIS creations or anyone for that matter, let he or she be a greatest creation of GOD, still they should always bow down in front of GOD and accept HIM as the only one and leaving GOD, there should be no other god or goddess on this earth and even if they exist, they shouldn't ever rise up against GOD and even if they do so, they should have a valid reason for that......

    MOHINI: It is really a good thing to hear sweet words like this on this day of good triumph over evil but is it possible ESHA?

    SATAN: I don't know about humans but a SATAN should do it, if he fails in doing so then he is not a GOD'S BEGOTTEN and unfit to stay as a GOD'S SLAVE.

    SATAN vanishes saying this.