• mathewsandrew142004 4w

    Snakes in the yard

    With so many snakes in the yard every path becomes a maze
    Some of them just want to bite you, some will toy with you for days
    some bite cause they are scared, others bit for the kill
    some will bite when they don't have to
    I guess it's for the thrill
    Sometimes they use temptations sometimes they use your love
    Other times they can be sneaky hiding behind you, beneath you, or above
    Trust only your instincts. Your heart tends to lie to you
    And your eyes will trick you, while your brain makes u think it is true.
    Trust no other human, we all have good and bad in our mind
    And true and loyal people well that's just hard to find.
    With all these snakes in the yard which path do u choose
    There's not a single path upon which you will not loose