• talara_won 36w

    I spent few hours last night staring at the moon
    I wanted to hear the wolves
    I wanted to see the high tide
    I wanted to feel the sea breeze
    I wanted to smell the gentle zephyr
    But things suddenly changed when a star caught my attention
    It was a small one and it seemed like it doesn't really want to be seen
    That time, I remembered my ex-lover
    I wondered if we were both staring at the same star,
    If we were both feeling the same way as it does,
    Or if he remembers me as well as I do remember him.
    There are more than billions of stars out there
    And each of them is trying to glaze more beautiful light than the others could
    And I thought I was one of them
    But I am here on Earth and I don't shine
    And so I looked back at the moon
    The moon that borrows its light from the sun
    Memories of him asking me if we still could be flooded my mind
    As I whispered what I answered to him long ago before I closed my eyes
    "Sorry, my lover, I never wanted to use you."
    And then I saw darkness and it was cold
    All I could ask was his burning touch
    All I could wish to have again was my loving inferno and not to bring back time.


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    "Sorry, my lover, I never wanted to use you."