• magic_spills_ 5w

    Yes, You my love,

    I read novels of our love story.
    Our novel..
    Ain't really flawless, but
    Divergent, vivid and even agonizing
    Undoubtedly the journey of ours is
    Fascinating, for,
    Each folio of this novel is mystical
    So beguiling is our story,
    Getting rid of it is undoable

    Yes, you My love ,

    Our love is painted Perpectually
    Amongst the roof top and the
    Night skies, which knows
    About the promises and
    Desires and about our
    Insane love
    We made together
    Our evocations are swung all
    Around my heart,
    Holding it Tight, because
    My love,
    It's forever this time.

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    Yes, you, my loveā¤