• abbaaliyarima 9w

    Fantasy 18+

    The touch of the early morning breeze freezes the body,
    Just like bricklayer it erect the skyscraper inbetween men legs,
    Her footsteps made my eyes welcome the morning Sun,
    Standing in a Red lingerie that made my soul to kneel,
    Her waist was Decorated with beads and henna,
    Her left leg carries the legacy of her culture, an anklet.
    I moved closer hungrily yet gently like a lion with a prey in its den,
    I traced my finger from her forehead to the crannies of her neck and shoulder,
    She held her breath still while i continue to explore her body like a map,
    living traces of ecstasy.

    i drank from her navel and said my prayers with her waist bead,
    My tongue drew an art on her body.
    i spread her like a Bread waiting for butter,
    "Who eats without thanking God for his meal"? A fool.
    Each Stroke made her body to arch like a snake,
    Tsunami erupted,
    Our bodies quaked,
    Our breath seized,
    "Daddy" She screamed while she scratched my back with her fingers,
    i roared back and held her tighter like a prize.
    My teeth left a mark on her neck for the world to know she's mine.