• wifey_suicide 23w


    Sonia doesn't reply back to the call. Instead she looks around for the nearest exit.
    "Oh shit, this is bad." She saids.
    The guy she's with, looks at her in confusion.
    "I think my period just started." She saids, as she gets up to leave for the bathroom.
    "You're not ditching me again?" The guy asked.
    "No, not at all." She saids, as she wips a tampon from out of her purse.
    "Oh really." He said, in disbelief.
    "Boy, I will shove this tampon in my house in front of you, and in front of all these people. Then take it out, and throw it at you!" Sonia saids, as she leaves for the bathroom.
    Once she gets to the bathroom, she notices a window.
    So she quickly opens it, and climbs out. But then the window shuts on her and she's stuck.
    "Fuuuuuuck!" She cries.
    Just then someone from the outside of the bathroom, walks in.
    It was the guy who she had a one night stand with, who also married to a woman, who tries to breastfeed chickens.
    "Ma'am are you okay?" He asked, as he pulls her out the window.
    "I'm fine." Sonia saids, as she realizes who he is.
    "You sure? Cause it looks like you're escaping another horrible date." He said.
    "Escaping? Nah, more like I saw a dog across the street and wanted to pet it, and I got stuck." She said.
    "Oh okay." He said, as he takes her hand and they leave the bathroom.
    "So how is the wife?" Sonia asked, trying to make things less awkward.
    "Pretty good. You know she can pump alot of milk. And the other day, she fed a pigeon!" He said.
    Sonia doesn't respond, but shows off a face of disgust.
    "And this is why I had ssex with you." He said.
    Sonia then let's go of his hand and walks away.
    "We can still get something of the dollar menu at McDonald's later!" He yells.
    Sonia goes back to the table.
    "Soooo period?" Her date asked.
    "Can I ask you something?" Sonia asked.
    "Go ahead." He saids.
    Before she could speak, the bartender from the bar walks up to the table and saids to Sonia, "why didn't you call me last night?"
    Then another guy walks up, who is the bartender's customer and saids, "call you? This hoe got me pregnant last night!"
    Just then Sonia gets a text message and saids, " where are you?"
    Sonia then grows into really deep anxiety, that soon feels like she has to poop.
    "I gotta go!" She saids.
    Then she gets up real quick and runs to the nearest exit. As she runs into her another guy she had sex with.
    "Moooove!" She screams.
    "Didn't you tickle my butthole before?" He asked.
    Sonia then runs out the restaurant and smacks into someone on a bike.
    Just to realize it was the guy who wanted to meet up with her.
    "Sonia!" He saids.
    "No no no no no." She saids.
    "I followed you on your Snapchat. Damn, you got a good story of your spaghetti." He saids.
    Sonia then gives up and pulls a biscuit out her pocket and eats it.
    The End.