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    "Tristan its enough i want us to be together we are going to tell my mother about this relationship do you get it or not?" says Amy

    "Look amz its not the right thing to do try to understand, our relationship is not normal no body would understand" replies tristan

    "we are going to mom thats it i don't really understand why you always call our relationship abnormal. Get up trist we are leaving right now."

    "Lets go then if this is what you really want but it wouldn't be my fault then " Tristan replies and gets up from the couch.

    (They both sit in the car amy drives towards her home within fifteen mins they reach Amy's mothers house.She rings the bell, sound of the bell her mother opens the door amy and tristan get inside and the door closes)
    "Mom we really wanna talk to you about this its been a long time but please listen to us " amy says to her mother and forces her to sit.

    "Amy my child are you ok? Why are you using we in every sentence? " asks her mother anxiously.
    "Mom I'm fine just meet him he's tristan and we are in love we want to be together "
    Amy says looking at tristan who sits quietly smiling at the sofa.
    "My girl who's tristan? Nobody is sitting there that sofa is empty you need a doctor " says her mother in bewilderment.

    (Amy stands quietly staring at tristan unable to move her gaze. Tristan gets up holds Amy's hand and speaks for the first time after leaving the car)
    "Amz i told you nobody would understand our relationship . I'm just a soul who's been trying to seek love and i found it in you . Only you can see me nobody else, I'm made only for you .Take care and i always loved you and will always do. Nobody can fathom our love nor even you. "
    And he vanishes as if he never was there like her mother said. Amy faints and falls.
    He was just a soul roaming to find love. The kind of love less understood...


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    Love less understood

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