• riah1920 24w


    Sorry, a phrase you may say everyday
    Does it still hold the meaning it's supposed to?
    As kids we may have refused to say it since it had such a strong punch
    As we grow old we resort to swear words for a negative effect
    But we have no stronger word then sorry at that moment
    We say it if we annoy someone in just the slightest
    Even in emotional acts when we hear it means nothing
    Words that we use as kids looses the connotative effect they used to have
    Like family, love, and friends
    They just turn into everyday words
    Even if you complain about someone not apologising after an accident
    When they do apologize that's the end of it
    No real satisfaction is gained
    I thought this until I saw my friends talk something out
    Being in a relationship must have changed their views
    Now the apology has value
    Perhaps we degrade actual love and it's actual value