• maxine_ 10w


    Winter memories;
    As fresh as winters first snow
    Of sledding, of snowsuits, hot chocolates, warm blankets and gloved hands in deep pockets
    Laughing with glee, despite the cold
    But those memories are old

    My most vivid memory of winter the one that will always last
    Is the sun shining on the snow on your lawn
    I looked at the windows, no curtains drawn.
    No lights or Christmas tree
    I walked up the glittery path
    I opened the door, the beaming sun lit up your dim house
    That's the day I found mom dead
    Her eyes wide open, the first eyes I ever seen, now blank and piercing through me

    Winter memories floating through my head
    Soaring through the skies of my mind
    Good and bad, Twisting like figure skaters in their beautiful dance

    Nothing is meant to last
    Except for these memories