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    The increase in population was a much needed affect back then . You see, there weren't many technological advancements in India at that time. This is during the 1960's - 1980's era. But soon industrial revolution began to spread globally and in it's wake, consumed India as well. The country with the most population was left with no option but to accept the changing times and technology was a major part of it. Soon the people were abandoned and left to feed themselves. I have heard my father say , how the cotton mills strike destroyed the lives of many. And I really didn't think of it much until, I saw the sufferings and the troubles of our housemaid, who was like family, they were devastated to be honest. Lost everything in the blink of an eye. The bread-winner of the house lost his job. The children grew up in bad atmosphere & later tunred to alchol to dissolve their misery. The mother was then left one her own to take up odd jobs to keep the house running. A life we can never imageine. Little would they have known back then, that the ever-increasing population and the advancements in technology were the reasons they suffered so much. But I as the privileged and literate class know the reasons. But even now, how much do we care to acknowledge the fact that if we don't consider population crisis as one of the major problems that just like her, and her family many others will have to face the same fate.

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    World population day.