• payal_04 5w

    A friendship untold!!!

    So it started with a trip
    As situation had the grip
    We barely knew eachother
    Just a thing that we were together

    It ended like blowing air
    Ping!!! The notification rang
    That was a friend request in fb I shared.

    From just an intro it began
    Only a thread of amity was in my plan

    Days passed so as years
    May it be a smallest reason to smile
    Or in deadly fear...
    I took my account to share with you
    As if you r any dear

    I don't know if you know or not
    Your words did its work a lot
    And from drowning deep...
    I started to float.

    I don't know if people Know or not
    And it rarely matters
    You are a Jem unexplored.
    And the only one with whom I behold