• theorderlychaos 5w


    Midnight rants

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    Why is this world fixated on fixing my flaws (according to them). Never even asking if I consider them flaws or even if I do, do I want to get them removed? How can people just assume that flaws are something terrible for everyone? How can they suggest things without even asking my ideology on it? I would love suggestions on how to improve myself any day when asked for and for the things I consider a flaw.
    Imagine the audacity of a person whom I met for the first time and he is suggesting me ways to remove my surgery scars, they are like battlemarks for me. I don't know if I am taking more offense than I am supposed to take but i dont know to explain it to people. There are some boundaries in these too. Things i don't even consider as flaws have some cures somewhere. That necessarily doesn't mean that i am looking for them and its not an invitation for you to point them out and make me aware and then suggest cures.