• dhara_ak 10w

    The serene journey

    Hallucinated by the evergreen wonders,
    that fluttered around my world of colours,
    I failed to realise that nothing was persistent .
    Not my childhood where I craved to be hugged,
    not my teenage where I longed to be free,
    Not even my youth where I thrived to be independent.
    These changes resembled an evolution at first ,
    not a sudden shift, but a gradual gradation.
    But then, it wasn't a smooth upward slope afterall,
    but a loop, I ended up from where I started.
    I grew thin, lean, weak and shaky,
    as how I was in my mother's womb.
    People designated my stage of life as old age,
    but I didn't find it different from my infancy ,
    where I longed for someone's hand.

    Everytime I think about my life,
    what makes it interesting yet depressing at the same time,
    is the fact that...
    I never believed the need to be in present ,
    and hence failed to live.
    Because my journey never indicated its borders or boundaries
    Because my journey was serene
    And surprisingly....it was gradual...!