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    Suman(Part 1)

    "To be or not to be..." The Shakespearean hero 'Hamlet' pondered.

    "Come on... come on! Avenge the murder of your father or you'll die too." Suman cried.

    She knew it was just a play and she shouldn't get so excited. But she couldn't help it. She was a romantic at heart. And that's why she had decided to study English literature.

    She loved Shakespeare and 'Hamlet' was her favourite tragedy. And why not? A handsome prince wronged by his family - failes to avenge his father's murder - finally meets a sad, untimely death.

    Suman put the book aside and started thinking about handsome princes and a smile came on her face.

    "When will MY handsome prince come?"thinking she drifted off to sleep.

    *** ***

    The alarm went off and Suman was going to press the snooze button when her eyes caught the time. It was already 7 am. Her first lecture started at 9 am. She didn't want to miss it. She got up hurriedly and went to freshen up.

    She put on blue jeans and a white t-shirt. Then she did her hair and decided to keep them loose. She wasn't much into make-up. But she put on kaajal and a little touch of lip gloss. And voila! She was ready for the college.

    She looked at the clock and saw that it was 8 am. She still had half an hour before she had to leave for the college.
    She turned on the radio. Her favorite song 'Mera kuch samaan' by Gulzar was playing. She was deeply engrossed in it when her mom called.

    Suman's mother Meenaben was 45 years old. She was a good mother and a homemaker.

    "Suman...Suman!"Meenaben shouted.
    "Have your breakfast. I have made aloo ka paratha for you."

    "Yes mom...coming."

    "Wow! Your aloo ka paratha is so yummy, mummy..!"Suman said.

    Hey! It rhymed.."She joked.

    "Thank you, dearie."Meenaben smiled.

    "Now finish your breakfast or you'll be late for your college."

    "I'm almost done,mom!"

    After a while Suman finished her breakfast and left for the college.

    "Bye ... bye mom."