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    ~Mysterious Witchy Woman~

    I reach to grab the clouds
    casting my spells of seduction
    see like me they were
    never meant to be held,
    but only for a short time
    Like a damp mist that kisses
    the ground I will be hanging like
    a fragrance over you
    How I love the mystery my life holds
    Not looking like what you were taught
    My curves were made for
    your hands to caress
    my lips were meant to meet
    your warm lips
    My looks and body more like
    seductress then a witch
    But I have a black pointed hat
    and a broom I ride high
    above through the
    misty midnight heavens
    You might see my silhouette
    against the bright orange moon
    Halloween is my favorite time of year
    And the only time I can be me
    When I enter your dreams....
    casting my spells
    enchanting you in your sleep
    knowing we will have
    such sexy fun
    come morning like the damp mist
    I'll be gone leaving you craving next
    Halloween and this mysterious
    witchy woman

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    Mysterious Witchy Woman