• writeroholic 24w

    Tap, tap, tap
    Can you force a smile when it’s all too real
    When everyone is invited to your home for a party
    And you aren’t even a host
    Will you confess you lost the invites,
    That you thought of them but didn’t mean to call everyone,
    Because you weren’t ready
    But nobody is allowed to take their time and space
    Tap, tap, tap
    The last song that plays,
    You want them to play it at your funeral
    When your anxiety, depression and loneliness are sitting in the front row
    Giving speeches of their memories with you,
    When they are alive and you’re not
    Tap, tap, tap
    You will still hear the heels knocking against your grave
    Of those you left behind
    As secrets you couldn’t share,
    Their laughs as beats that still make your bones rattle.