• _aishal 6w

    Evey night she comes in wedding gown and white veil
    With a beautiful boquet in her hands and a story to tell
    She is the most beautiful women anyone could ever see
    And whe shouldn't as she was the bride to be
    She lookes pretty to him as he saw from far
    But when he came near he saw all dark
    Her lovely white gown became shabby, her beautiful boquet shred and she didn't sigh
    Her one hand held knife and blood started dripping from her eyes
    He tried to run but she latched herself to him and became his shadow
    Because he made a mistake on their wedding and a bigget mistake than making her a widow
    He on their wedding night fell for someone else and turned her page over
    So foe her revenge she stabbed him through his heart,killed him and rather than turning his page she burned their book forever

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