• anchalbhatia_ 23w

    It's time, I probably should sleep
    Rest my eyes, and self
    For the day next.
    Yet I catch myself
    Thinking of every day I spent with you -
    Being happy, exactly what I wanted
    And now, all alone
    Drowned in your memories
    Something which keeps me awake.
    You were my home
    The one that is no more.
    Now, I am only a homeless person
    In search of a shelter, that I find none.
    What we had is over
    I convince myself every time by saying this.
    It wasn't over then, it still isn't
    I end up with this conclusion.
    Crazy! How you matched me so well
    How we made a perfect team
    A team of two -
    Which now is nothing but ruins of me and you.

    - A. B.