• fallen_42 11w

    I have blood vessels of ruptured roads
    And misguided forest alleys leading to insanity
    I wander like a hobo
    Looking for sojourn
    Or a bottled up message of choked past
    Whose flames burn bones in me
    The strongest ones
    I am all muscles now
    I keep smiling and smiling
    With my spine failing to stand up for itself
    I dont look up where the stars reside
    All i see are my feet
    Leaving footprints behind
    In the mess of your heart
    And soul that needs no definition of wrong
    Will I be saved if i remain undiscovered?
    Perhaps that's why people left me hanging
    Cutting the ropes on either ends
    Until the freefall made me open my eyes
    And see the bowls of caskets in their hands
    Ready to take my ashes
    Did you really believe I would die
    That giving up on me seemed like a closure?
    The questions linger like nostalgia
    Of our good days
    Of our laughters and tears
    Of years of togetherness
    Until one day you decided to move on
    As I fell from the swings of my expectations
    Do you really not feel pain or are you afraid to be a human again?
    These words like magnet beads
    Attract towards you
    And form a rosary of guilts and regrets
    That I chant like prayers
    Until it falls on your deaf ears
    Taking shapes of falling mountains
    Covering my beating heart with mud
    I choke slowly
    Filling my lungs with the remnants of your fading name
    Until what remains is every pore of my body
    Exhaling out the only word