• express_yourself 10w

    #Memorable Me

    When it's time ,
    To leave the earth
    Demises has its own worth,
    Suddenly world staretd praising you,
    Your deeds as you do,
    But if almighty asked me
    How i wanna be menorised,
    Then it will be getting little surprised,
    All I just wanted
    To be memorable as a kind hearted person,
    Who's always there
    Besides you...
    Memorise me as a good friend,
    So,when you cry
    It's only my shoulder which is bend,
    Memorise me as a good daughter,
    Who makes her parents feel proud,
    Memorise me as a memer,
    Who makes you laugh out loud,
    Memorise me as a best sister,
    Who teaser her brother
    Like no one other,
    Memories me as a good wife,
    Who can make his life thrive,
    Memorise me as a good mother,
    Who used to be her children's pride,
    And at last,
    Just memorise me for who I am,
    Who is imperfect
    But always loves her fam......