• lodayih 12w


    what is love ?

    I remember using a single phrase to describe this feeling
    when really it's the merging of souls
    the understanding of Each
    the combined awakening of both
    one cannot ascend before the other
    they move in Equity on the same line
    To be with with a person who understands soul
    is to be whole .
    in simpler terms love is when Your soul and my soul hold.

    It's the loss of Ego ,
    when your love is not a bother
    but a shelter that No one should falter
    A sacred space! dare not wear muddy shoes to enter !
    Love is patient,
     love is kind.
    It does not envy,
    it does not boast,
    it is not proud.
    is that not from the scriptures am I right or wrong .
    I'm afraid if you see my dark side and run
    you would drain my Light
    and feed me Storms