• __arshi__ 5w



    People tell me it was just a pet,don't feel bad ,don't cry, move on etc. But nobody knows it was 'you', it was 'Us', it was our unbreakable bond that we shared with unconditional love. And that love can never be forgotten and can never be replaced. You left 'me' alone, you left us alone . Every morning my heart aches for your hug ,searching for the twinkling brown eyes.But you have gone far away from me . You left us so early. I am sorry if in some or the other way I haven't cared for you.But heaven knows I have always loved you. People ask me to join them,interact with them but it seems impossible for me since I've lost a diamond. I stand at the corner of house and search for your paws and your toys that you played with. My tears promise you that your memories won't fade. It feels like something is missing across the kitchen floor. The void in your bed can't be filled. I know you are happy somewhere. But that doesn't stop me from missing you every day and night. You have more then played your role. This room seems so empty without you by my side. The sun still rise and find your eyes,and that fills my eyes with tears. I know how much you loved me ,as much as I love you. On 16th july at mid night an angel might had came to you and petted your head. For everytime I think of you I miss you more.For you my love will never fade and I wish someday we will meet again. You left me with memories and paw-prints embedded in my heart. I love you so much .....❤