• gaurav1212 5w


    Happiness is now a days linked with the material and here is the problem . we might think that happy life is only when you have all those luxury things,high rated cars and expensive villas.No, happiness is not comes with the things or stuff we buy or we own. Happiness is not physical its emotional sense .Finding it in materialistic stuff never let you feel it. Buying a new phone or Having a new car gives you the happiness?
    buying a new dress applying the finest makeup on skin makes you happy ?
    owing the most expensive house makes you happy?

    THINK .. PAUSE...

    NO,nothing makes you happy.
    Sitting on the expensive chair or sofa and that new phone in your hand and car parked out the house and your villa will not makes you happy when you receives a text which can shift your mood from happy to sad , irritating , angry.At same point all thos expensive things will be of no use .

    so Think wisely and be happy