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    Like every other thing, forever has an end. And sometimes we're the forever. sometimes, the end.

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    C l i c h e s

    I sit still as I stare in front of me. Ask me where? And I would reply, "Nowhere." Because recently, I encountered what people call forever.

    Holding hands, staring for long hours, too clichéd right? But you see, that's what my forever did. Built up clichés so beautifully that the clichés which were once my strengths, became my weaknesses.

    We entwined fingers, tightened our fingers and promised each other that our forever would be eternal. Everything was fine, until I met this unknown figure. People call him, questions. I call him, the end.

    The end to a promise, the end to an eternal bond, the end to love, the end to entwined fingers. Above all, the end to forever.

    Only to realize, that unknown figure resided inside me. It is my other half. And soon, while entwining fingers, I felt my fingers loosening the grip.

    He did too. Not because he faced the same thing. But because he knew I did.

    Everything changed after that. No long stares, no hand holding. Even the tears and the small fights stopped. Why? Because we simply didn't care. People asked us, "Why are you guys together when you know that both of you are falling out of love?"

    We never replied. But deep down, we knew the answer. The promise. And the clichés he built? Yeah, they were his strengths too. But, now they were his weakness. And amidst those clichés, one of them became forever, a promise that will break one day or the other.

    A promise we didn't want to break. A promise we wanted to hold on to forever.

    I sit still, holding his hand, but the grip is not so tight now. I rest my head on his shoulder. As I am breaking apart bit by bit inside.

    It all started with a forever. And ended with an The End.