• veloc1ty_ 6w

    This was my first ever poem.I wrote it for her :)
    #mirakee #writersnetwork

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    The Proposal

    I'm not a poet,I'm not even close
    But I've written something for you
    And here's how it goes...
    That day when you swiped right on bumble
    I didn't know what you were looking for
    You were running away from someone,
    Someone who broke your heart
    Someone who took your precious smile away
    The same smile that makes my day
    Someone who was careless enough
    to not value the thing that was so special
    Ok I'm not calling you a 'thing' but I'm not as good as other poets,I'm just not on the same level
    So you found me somehow and gave me a chance at it ,damn!
    To make you believe that love wasn't just another scam
    But boy did I fail at it miserably
    Which made me question myself lately
    Am I not good enough? Do I sound cool only in my head?
    I always thought I was the best,but somehow I still shit the bed
    But I've been a gamer since childhood
    Surrender is just not our way
    I'm not someone who gives up quite easily
    Not unless it's your say