• veniceitalia 6w


    It pains my heart
    Whenever I try to start
    And tell you a part
    Never told and never seen art

    Too many times I wish I could say
    Too many instances did I keep my words at bay
    Or maybe I'm just doing a dangerous play
    Too dangerous that I prefer to just back away

    Every time I try to move closer
    Lumps in my throat makes every step harder
    Like phobias they make me back away further
    You don't seem to notice though or rather

    Only when I try would you not see
    Unless I'm being an idiot which is so me
    Drums are beating in my chest but I let them be
    All the time you take my breath away I need to flee

    Run away from what I really want to do
    Yes! Cause in the end it would only make me loose you