• iamgautamsunshine 11w

    "I'm alive once again"

    Red carpet of blood laid down,
    On yellow tainted marble stairs;
    My heart shivers,
    As I set foot on this palace
    Of everlasting fear;

    The faint notes of the piano,
    And the harmony of cries and screams
    Is where my nightmares come
    to life;

    But I won't hold back
    Like I did as a weak lad,
    Finding a reason to live
    In this bed of thorns;

    They say " A tree with no roots
    cannot survive."
    But here I am,
    Strengthened by my desire to find
    The meaning of my existence;

    A thousand fierce ghosts
    Cold caress my flesh,
    Chanting the hymn of death
    But I march forth
    Leaving a trace of blood,
    With all my fears withering away;
    I've been dead my whole life,
    But now I'm alive once again
    Now I'm alive once again