• winter_moon 9w

    Beloved teddy

    Ohhh!! The day was just hectic all i want is to go back to home and hug my teddy . Probably the only one with whom I share everything.

    Reached home, freshen up : Sitting on bed while hugging the teddy

    Heyy teddy I missed you. You know I must say this was my worst day of the week. Like seriously we were given just 15 minutes to answer 6 question. Who does this aaahhh!!
    And you know the worst thing the math teacher took the game period .
    And as usual I forgot my text book.
    Only two year left though. So I must enjoy. It's
    school life what can also be done we have to follow them no choice or might be we have a choice but it's 12th so can't take that risk of bunking class to
    Ok teddy I must sleep now I have to attend my evening classes. The classes are quite boring as compared to 11th you know that right.Yeah it happens though. It's nap time teddy bye.

    Woke up : saw the time (thoughts in mind)
    Shit it's 7 pm I missed my classes again.I must study my own. Anyways I have to complete my studies before you reach home and get free so that we can chat

    A call from kitchen : dinner time

    Everybody had dinner and went to their room to sleep. Gosh!! I am waiting for your text it's already 10 O clock aren't you free till now I need to sleep too man .I have classes at morning 6.

    Ding( a message received) : hii dear sorry the day was so hectic ending time of the month and a lots of work. So probably I couldn't reply your message

    Me : No problem I understand that, it seems you had a tiresome day go and sleep you are travelling back tomorrow you need to take rest. But before going reply me that do you have any wish?

    Him: ummmm wish, yes I would like to travel, as far as I can I love to travel.
    Okk then good night sweet dreams

    Me : Good night sweet dreams.

    Where is my teddy it's teddy time

    Heyy teddy guess who messaged me now , yeah obviously you know that right .I just wish we could talk more but not possible though. You know today for the 1st time he shared something instead of just replying of my text I don't know he realized it or not . But for surely one day he will
    I don't know when I will share everything like how my days goes by. Oh no! I forgot you know what happened today ,all students including me were out of the class as we forgot the book, then we cleaned the bio lab then me and my bestie sat together in the children park of primary block . And ate the lunch. She brought me my favorite cauliflower dish.

    You know sometimes I imagine what if it was him instead of you. Teddy you know I love you and sometimes I imagine you as him I hope you don't mind that