• epigramfortwo 5w

    "I fish for
    the housekeys
    in yer bag,
    it's late and
    a hilarious sitcom
    must be broadcasting
    right now at this moment,
    I have absolutely no urge to haste",
    Gerard says to her, "it's alright, read a little Marx, if so recite me some of those flashy
    advertisement signs on our way home."

    "I have seemingly no problem then
    to read and let no thought develop",
    "I fish for the missing knitting needles
    inside my bag, Jerry, did you take them out?"

    "But right now we got bigger fish to fry,"

    "like deja vu, double entendre, compulsive laughter, the same cassette stuck whirring",

    "We could have stayed home, ya know!"

    "like restless syndromes",

    Gerard drives
    home following
    the car-cum-showroom,
    while Joan forgets to bring
    her wool with her.