• _shweta 50w

    When every season is dear to you and fall is the dearest ❄❤


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    I see the clouds roaring
    In my eyes
    I come home in demise
    Shaking voice, an ambition
    Falling like a skyscraper
    Soon it rains, down my cheeks
    Unless the petrichor
    Smells, Mesmerizing from my chest
    Soon the winter falls back in
    The coldness in my heart,
    Snow flies in like a lark
    Fall is the most beautiful they say,
    And I did find it in my poetries
    Art-flakes like confetti from the sky
    A sky, my mind ; freezed and dried
    Longing for summer, I sit
    I find seasons in my soul
    While I'm on a journey
    Of finding me whole
    Someday like the cherry blossoms
    I'd fall, I'll be beautiful
    More than the thousands sun
    I'll rise, I'll be beautiful.