• killmenow 10w

    Best friend I love you

    I love when ur around
    My heart hits the ground
    Dying to be with you
    But I know I'm just a fool
    Everything hurts
    U are my curse
    No matter what ur like a drug
    All I want is ur love
    It's never enough
    I say to much
    And now we have to give up
    There's a lot of complications
    And my heart is just another application
    To see ur dedication
    Ur the upgrade to my medication
    And ur prescribed to me
    So do what u need
    My heart is the only thing you need to feed
    You are the sweet to my candy
    But my heart gets corrupted
    This is hard to deal with
    Especially since I want nothing
    Probably you
    But what should I do
    To forget everything that was developed
    And now I know I messed up