• bhawnabhansali 11w

    How can excess of introvert nature affect your confidence and working life on a long scale.

    When we keep ourselves alone, away from the outside functioning world to a scale where every other gathering or meeeting starts to feel a burden and we start to ignore going out, be in our comfort zone and sink in an unusual mode where it starts darkening slowly.....
    We individually comfort ourselves only to stay confidentially happy, we read books and stay in our own arena.
    Its a place of mind and soul where you fight your questions with nomad answers,words with silence...
    After certain time it starts bieng a great hindrance for ourselves,you stop knowing how beautiful,worth learning skills everyone around has.
    Train yourself to be happy,listen music which inspires you and read your heart out.
    Someone or other is always there to listen,you are a powerful entity yourself and all world needs from you is a story and courageously inspire souls around.