• rebelpjones 12w

    seed of darkness

    Where does darkness hide
    On bright sunny days?
    I'll tell you the reader this...

    Darkness hides behind
    soulless mindless eyes,
    Of those enthralled in greed,
    Encompassed by an
    uncontrollable need
    to feed
    a famished evil
    Pulling at your very humanity.

    Sadly I see it daily
    as it blinds its slaves
    and turns them to selfish savages,
    Lost as they wander mindlessly,
    So in the time it takes
    more than one to read this piece,
    Perhaps its reached at least one
    deep enough to wake up two or three.

    The steps it takes
    to untrain
    what's far beyond a
    genetically modified seed,
    Your mind
    and brain
    I mean.