• pweeti_cia 10w

    I'm here and I am.

    Even while I'm here
    No room for my acceptance
    No one seems to hear
    But all look forward to my repentance
    Imposed in me the fear
    Unable to get the clearance
    The pain I seem to bear
    Calls out for freedom and vengeance

    Even while I'm Here
    My body and soul desires to be free
    From the clutches I've been held in
    By the corners I've been trapped within
    From the clouds raining endlessly on me
    From the shapes I've been made with
    From the agony of their deceit
    From the rejection they've made me feel

    And even now I'm gone
    While there's no room for me, I'll build a house for my freedom
    And here's a chance for me, To relieve my grief as a free-born
    And here's my stance within, Their foolishness they thought to be wisdom
    And here's my glass to drink not to be hidden anymore

    Agada Patricia B.