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    I just want to share it, don't know why but somewhere in this so-called modern society we're
    started to being alone but this is not a good sign dear. Just give a tight hug to your beautiful loved ones and say "Everything will be alright because I'm with you." Hoping that you won't see that Demon and you won't have to hug them because your loved ones ignore you...

    Express your Love...

    And you, yes you , stop pretending..

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    Depression : A place where that Demon will take you

    You write about loneliness and depression
    but just one second dear, do you really know
    about loneliness ? You can't even see that
    demon darlin', Loneliness is not just about
    blackness or darkness. Hoping that you
    won't have to face that monster in your life.

    Can you run away from yourself ?
    Can you lose yourself in every single
    moment ? Loneliness is such a big monster
    that will be your best friend and take you
    away from your identity. If once that
    monster will be a friend with you, it'll neve'
    leave you for sure, then after some days
    you'll cry while sleeping on his awful lap.

    That Demon can sleep inside your room
    and also can share your favourite pillow,
    Can eat with your favourite spoon on your
    table and can sing your best-loved song
    "Go and take a bow, ohh" of Rihanna
    inside your privy, can write for you with
    your fav metaphors.

    It can share your bed but it can't stop
    your tears when you'll cry but can guzzle
    your teardrops in a while for sure.
    It will cage you inside his disgusting paws
    slowly but you damn fool will rest in his
    arms with a wide smile. It takes you away
    from the sunshine and make you visit a
    bewitching place called DEPRESSION.
    You'll behave like a Corona suspect
    suddenly and you'll isolate yourself
    from your friends and family members.
    You'll feel pain while breathing but there
    are no doctors and medicines for this.

    I'm sorry again, here are many doctors
    but your so-called modern society will
    tell you "Stop being so dramatic" and
    your parents will tell you "Why are you
    embarrassing us ? Stop it !!"
    But only that monster will be very happy
    to see you in that situation but he'll
    cuddle you for sure but you'll start to lose
    yourself. You won't scream, you won't cry,
    you won't feel but you'll be alive with just a