• sangfroid_soul 10w

    in the dwindling night

    Brb. I really need to improve myself and that can be done by reading
    Also there's always room for improvement.
    So suggest me some good books?
    And @lily_love I'd an epiphany 10 minutes ago regarding how much I'm missing your presence rn and these days.

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    i caught a glimpse of the shimmering
    farewell her smile sent
    the curve ∞

    there are days
    whose nights
    are bright
    brighter than the days itself
    because you talk to yourself
    and come to know
    what you should not have

    there are numbers
    that speak louder than words
    there are actions
    conveying more than

    there are thoughts
    forming and dying
    bubbling and digging graves
    at the corner of my mind

    then there are memories
    that hurt more than people
    and their absence.