• millchill 6w

    Gin And Tonic

    26th September 2020
    I thought I really knew her,
    Out with her friends,
    Pure pretend.

    She’s out having a drink,
    I didn’t even think
    Trust so strong,
    Didn’t think It could go wrong.

    So, I leave her a text
    Not knowing she’s out with her next,
    She replied “he’s leaving”
    Seemed deceiving.

    Calm as I am
    I’m starting to panic,
    While they’re out there having a double Gin,
    And tonic after tonic.

    She calls it a night,
    Texts me “my Uber’s arrived”
    “Honey I’m home”
    No she was never alone!

    She woke up next morning
    Hungover from last night,
    Wrote me a long message
    And brought it to light.

    My heart cried out loud
    Gave her the benefit of the doubt.
    Popped her a question,
    “Would you like to work things out?”

    “No”, was her answer!
    Without a thought.
    Got me wondering really,
    Did she ever love me or what?

    I loved her so truly
    I asked her to stay,
    She said “ The damage is done”
    “You should walk away”

    As always, I promised
    I’d love her and trust her the same,
    She says “Mil, I lied to you”
    “Are you insane?”

    I knew it was over
    A return, far from sight,
    Love her so truly
    I didn’t let go without a fight.

    So, she’s happier with him,
    That’s all she knows.
    For a heart that’s been broken,
    Only ignored!

    Well, I reach out to cigarettes,
    To ease out the pain.
    Get my first drag,
    It started to rain.

    So, I Walk into a bar,
    They ask me who you are?
    I told them I’m “Trash”,
    Though, I could lend you some cash.

    Excuse me Bartender,
    Please make me a drink!
    A Double Gin And Tonic,
    What do you think?