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    Bismil .

    Two flags flew high , one with the crescent moon and other one with the blue wheel .On the grounds , as bismil stood on 14 th of August 1947. He was in his early 20's .He didn't knew which way should he go. Hindustan in left and Pakistan in right. But he knew that Baran ,his friend and his neighbour would be in Hindustan as he was a Sikh. Baran was the one , with whom he was bashed by the British police , during the freedom struggle. They both took part in the freedom movement the so called " Azaadi ki Jung " , but now the Azaadi had come with a greater cost. The last viceroy in India Lord Mountbatten had granted the independence . With Gandhi and Muhammad Ali Jinnah ,being the two leaders. The land of Bharat was distributed. 1/3 rd of the part to muslim Pakistan and other 3/4 th to the hindus of Hindustan. Seperated the hindus from Muslims , and then they were called the fathers of their nations. Later on their faces were printed on the currency notes of both nations.

    In the evening , bismil went to the mosque to pray the azaan , as it was 27 th day of Ramadan on August of 14 , 1947. With his namaz mat on the ground, he kissed the mosque floor. Wearing his namaz cap as he prayed to Allah the most benevolent and the most merciful. A man with an orange turban came from behind and cut Bismil into two , his head fell on the ground , with his eyes wide open . His other part of body fell ,spilling a huge blood on the masjid floor. The man in the turban with his sword tossed bismil's head around in the mosque , like a hockey. Then he cleaned and wiped off the blood of his sword by his namaz cap. The Sikh mob spilled the blood in the mosque. In Allah's home as he died with the mullas and his other muslim friends. His soul wandered to see his killer , and then it shattered when it found , no one other than his friend , Baran.

    II. Rupa.

    Ajeez Khan , the one who lived on the fourth Street was master of Hindustani classical musical. In his home as she sat the evening sun was going down its way , it's light fell on her face , the young and beautiful Rupa. She sat next to Zubeida , Ajeez's khan daughter. Rupa was twelve , and Zubeida was thirteen .Ajeez was in his late 40's . Rupa was their neighbour , and the panditji's daughter the best friend of Zubeida and student of Ajeez . They sat around each other , with Rupa playing the sitar , Zubeida playing the harmonium while Ajeez had his hands on his tabla. He wore a white cap and had a thick white beard upto his chest.
    " So now we have walked to the freedom , let's sing saare Jahan se accha " Ajeez said to the girls .
    He stopped them midway as they sung saare Jahan se accha Hindustan humara .
    " Nahi nahi Zubeida , Pakistan humara , Hindustan toh Inka hai " he said , with a wicked grin. After they had sang ,
    " Bring some tea " He said to her.
    She left the room. He locked the door , with being alone with Rupa . He picked her up in his arms , Rupa hesitated and pushed him away but this man had big strong hands .He took her to the wardrobe across the room , opened one of the drawers , and placed rupa's both hands in it and pushed the drawer inside . As the girl screamed in agonizing pain , he undid the knots of her shalwar and took of his pajamas and started to rape her . She called out " Maa..maa" to her mother . Her best friend started banging on the door while she was being raped by her friend's father. He put a cloth in her mouth and then he raped her. " This is how we are going to fuck you hindus" he said , while the twelve year old cried.

    Who was responsible for this ? Jinaah or Gandhi ?

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