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    I am feeling a bit happier about this #horror and #thriller poem which has a #twist. I hope you will also like the story inside the poem.

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    By unknown writer

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    Butcher behind the Blinds

    He was alone in the house.
    Somebody played with him, the game of cat and mouse.

    He was sleeping so tight.
    He woke up because of thunder's dashing might.

    Wife, kids, servants & electric power were all gone.
    He fervently searched all corners including the barn.

    His is a remote & separate house in the city's downtown.
    He thought danger is just lurking for him within his own home, it had already begun its countdown.

    Suddenly, he saw a black wave of a man with knife going upstairs.
    Every part of his body alarmingly stood up, including all of his hairs.

    He wanted to scream, but no sound came.
    He really couldn't understand this game.

    This isn't real, this is a dream, he thought.
    Slowly he realized that it is real, courage can't be bought.

    He too went upstairs in the direction of the apparition he saw.
    Inside his bedroom, behind the window's blinds, he witnessed a knife wielding butcher, who was pretty raw.

    "Who are you?", he muttered under his breath in fear.
    "I'm the Butcher", replies the man, whose voice sounded like a bear.

    "Where are my kids and servants? What did you do to them?"
    "I butchered and ate them. Oh your small boy, isn't he a tasty little gem?"

    He cried so loudly.

    "Its all done, why are you crying?", the butcher asked.
    "I cried for you. Because, by now, your stomach will be frying", replied the man, whose now-smiling face basked.

    "What did you do? What did you do? Who are you?"
    "I'm the Butcher of the Butchers.
    This home, my family and the kids,
    all were traps for you, as you will now become my dinner."

    Sounds of the butcher got lost in the animalistic hungry roar of the Man.

    Copyright: Stellar Ram 2019