• cmroman1980 6w

    Still in Chains

    I was a prisoner to the lusts of my flesh;
    To the desires of my heart that I indulged.
    Never did I deny myself the freedoms of my own God-given will which made me free.
    Yet, the only thing my freedom afforded me was the free will to habitually make the same incorrect decision to keep myself confined to the same practices of old.
    The same habits of yesterday tickle the nose of remembrance and provoke the same outbursts of self-destruction the dead creature I once was used to have.
    Now, being a new creation in Christ is difficult when the old creature is used to a dark way of life and the new creation wants to live a life of love and light.
    It seems as though I'm only free on paper and not in spirit and I want to live by the spirit and walk the spirit-led path, yet, I only feel like the dead creature pretending to be a new creation and the only light I see is false; just the bathroom light every morning while I brush my teeth.