• rishavdebroy 10w

    He was never a writer.
    Nor a shayar.
    Nor an avid reader.
    He was more on dope,
    more on LSD and items
    she didn't wish to see.
    He was never a writer.
    But turned into one.
    He turned into a writer
    to draw her attention.
    He turned joints into words.
    He turned bongs into emotions.
    He turned LSD into quotes.
    He turned himself upside down
    to make sure he matures as the
    person she could look up to.
    Was she aware of it?
    Or was it again the one sided battle?
    Maybe it was one.
    But he was dedicated to himself
    and the changes this time turning
    down everything that could
    question the change or his choices.
    He was never a writer.
    But he turned into one.

    P.S: This is how I found myself again.

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    All his poetries
    were jotted down
    for her although
    he knew she will
    never be aware of it.